Companies are faced with challenges that arise from strategic visions or dynamic market conditions. Specific projects for the coming years must be derived from this, managed and implemented. Key success factors for achieving the project goals are efficient project management and the technical knowledge to implement the projects. We advise you on operational implementation in factory planning, logistics planning, systems engineering and operational project support.

Von Fabrik- und Logistikplanung über Systems Engineering bis hin zum operativen Projektsupport – wir sind Partner der Industrie, wenn es darum geht, Projekte in die Tat umzusetzen.


Our Services

We focus our services on management and operational implementation in four areas: Factory Planning, Logistics Planning, Systems Engineering and Operational Project Support. In future-oriented factory planning, we work with you to design the ideal factory of tomorrow - from the initial idea to successful commissioning. In logistics planning, we offer you a comprehensive service package with process models, tools and technology selection to make your logistics fit for the future. In systems engineering, we design, analyze and model complex solutions for tailor-made systems in development management. Project support assists the project manager with the necessary operational project management tasks in the area of classic and agile methods. In addition to project planning and control tasks in terms of time, costs and quality, our activities also include risk management, personnel management, procurement, stakeholder management and project communication.

Factory planning

Future-oriented factory planning is the cornerstone for efficient processes, high productivity and sustainable corporate success and competitiveness. We work with you to design the ideal factory of tomorrow - from the initial idea to successful commissioning. Thanks to our proven methodical process model in combination with industrial best-practice knowledge, the early integration of relevant specialist departments and internal know-how carriers, we efficiently ensure high planning quality and sustainable results.

Your Challenges

  • Securing the growth path
  • Reduction of manufacturing costs
  • Introduction of new products into production
  • Implementation of automated and digitalized technologies
  • Reduction of resource consumption and carbon footprint

Our service

  • Creation of a factory strategy
  • Development of a production system
  • Definition of material flows
  • Planning an area program
  • Creation of a concept layout
  • Creation of detailed layouts in 2D / 3D / BIM
  • Creation of specifications for machines and systems
  • Support in project management with construction planning, suppliers, etc.

Logistics planning

Internal material flows are the nervous system of production: in the worst-case scenario, a breakdown or interruption in the material flow means an immediate standstill of the production workstations. Intralogistics that are synchronized with the production processes prevent this. The increasing diversity of products and variants, shorter product availability times and smaller batch sizes are increasing the importance of intralogistics in the entire value creation network. Ensuring the following aspects is essential for companies.

Your Challenges

  • High logistics costs
  • High storage costs
  • High WIP stocks
  • High and intrasparent stocks
  • High product variance
  • High variety of parts
  • Fluctuating material requirements
  • Supply bottlenecks at suppliers
  • Space bottlenecks

Our service

  • Inventory optimization
  • Warehouse planning - from shelving to fully automated solutions
  • Transport system planning - from trolleys to AGVs
  • Container planning & container management
  • Material flow planning
  • Creation of specifications for logistics systems
  • Definition of IT and WMS requirements

Systems Engineering

Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary approach that aims to design, analyze and optimize complex systems through systematic planning, development and integration of various components. Our range of services includes the development and implementation of customized systems for efficient and seamless process flows. The principles of systems engineering are taken into account and ASPICE requirements are integrated into the development process. With our team, we support you in complying with ASPICE guidelines and applying systems engineering principles to ensure the quality, safety and reliability of systems in the automotive industry.

Your Challenges

  • Mastering complex requirements
  • Effective integration of various system components
  • Ensuring system reliability and security
  • Compliance with norms and standards
  • Fulfillment of technological changes and innovations

Our service

  • Analysis of requirements for understanding the functional and non-functional requirements of the system
  • System modeling, system design and concept design
  • System integration to combine the individual components and subsystems
  • System development taking into account the defined requirements
  • System optimization to maximize efficiency, performance and safety
  • Project management to monitor and control the entire system development process
  • Documentation, such as system specifications

Project management

Against the backdrop of volatile markets and increasingly complex tasks, efficiency is not the only daily challenge for our customers, but increasingly also the timely implementation of projects. We therefore provide you with operational support to take the pressure off your projects and organization so that you can focus on your core competencies. Benefit from our operational support in the area of project management and from our support in project management.

Your Challenges

  • Many projects and programs that have a simultaneous expectation of results, but are interdependent in various ways
  • Lack of standards in project management
  • The management of the projects blocks the specialist knowledge carriers, who can no longer contribute their expertise in a timely manner
  • The requirements of a project often change compared to the original agreements at the start of the project, which even increases the scope of the project

Our service

  • Project management according to SCRUM or classic
  • Operational project management capacity
  • PMO methods and standards
  • Setup of a PMO for large projects
  • Specialists on selected topics on request

Our industry expertise

The Industries our customers

The core sectors for our services are automotive, aerospace and mechanical and plant engineering. We draw on the specific expertise that makes each industry so unique and rely on our methodology and tools. We also work in various other sectors. We achieve this by successfully transferring our experience from our core industries to other sectors.

Your Contact Person


Teja Washausen UNITY Operations

Teja Washausen

Management Board

Project management
Location: Hamburg

Marian Kühl UNITY Operations

Marian Kühl

Management Board

Factory and logistics planning
Location: Hamburg

ELINA MOSER Head of Business Unit
 Fabrik- und Logistikplanung

Elina Moser

Head of Business Unit
Factory and logistics planning
Location: Stuttgart

BERNHARD MATHES Head of Business Unit
 Systems Engineering, Projektmanagement

Bernhard Mathes

Head of Business Unit
Systems Engineering, Projektmanagement
Location: Stuttgart