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About us

The UNITY of Operations is the specialist for logistics planning, factory planning, Systems Engineering, and project support. As part of the UNITY Innovation Alliance, we support our customers in all aspects of value creation.

Whether it's new construction on Greenfield (Greenfield) or optimization in the existing (Brownfield): We accompany our customers from the first idea in the concept planning, implementation, preparation to successful implementation. 

For our planning services, we work in close cooperation with our customers, and Hands-on support: We not only provide impulses and "lend a hand". Whether in the logistics and factory planning, layout planning and BIM modelling, as well as project management support. Our customers can rely on our support is energetic, straightforward, and implementation-oriented.

As part of the UNITY family, we have many years of project experience, especially in the automotive industry, in machine and plant construction, as well as in the aviation and aerospace industry.


Founded by the partners, and as a Spin-off of the UNITY AG

UNITY Innovation Alliance

Part of the Innovation Alliance, which forms, with 800 employees, a strong base


Hands-on support to the clients in production and logistics


Hamburg and Stuttgart are the first two locations

Our Self-Understanding

Our main focus is on operational projects in the logistics and factory planning, Systems Engineering, and support in project management. In doing so, we support our customers in all questions of value creation and project organization.

The peculiarity lies in the collaboration model with the management consultants of the UNITY AG. The power supply is in addition to and complementary, is jointly developed and supported our customers in the successful positioning in the market.

The cooperation project planner for the logistics, production and factory planning, and the understanding itself as a service provider for the industry. We assist industrial customers from the first idea in the concept planning, implementation, preparation to successful implementation.
Furthermore, we understand ourselves as an operational project Manager and supporters of the project Manager. We support our customers surgically to relieve the projects and the organization, so that you can focus on your core competencies. Agile, classic or hybrid project approaches have their own unique challenges that we set ourselves individually.

Planning expertise

Hands-on mentality

Technology expertise

Our Performance

Companies are faced with the challenges arising from strategic visions, or to dynamic market conditions. This concrete projects are derive for the next few years, to control and implement. Key success factors for the achievement of the objectives of the project are efficient project management and technical Know-how for the implementation of the projects.

We focus our services on the control and operational implementation in the three areas: facility planning, logistics planning and operational project support.

In the future-oriented factory (planning) we create together with you, the ideal factory of tomorrow – from the first idea through to successful commissioning. In the case of logistics planning, we offer you with process models, Tools, and technology selection, a comprehensive benefits package, in order to raise the potential of a powerful logistics. The project will support the project Manager with the necessary operational project management tasks. In addition to project planning and control tasks according to the time, cost and quality risk management, personnel management, procurement, Stakeholder Management and project communication points to the work.

Factory planning

Planning services of the layout on the Resources specification to commissioning

Logistics planning

Storage and Layout design and material flow planning in and for the production, supported by digital tools such as material flow simulations

Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering as an interdisciplinary development of products and Services

Project support

Operational project support and the provision of staff as an extended workbench, even for specific tasks

Our Partner Network

We are part of the UNITY Innovation Alliance!

The Alliance assists the company with comprehensive Expertise in the digitization of business models, products and Services from conception to implementation.

Together, we are shaping smart factory and logistics solutions from concept to commissioning.

Strategy, IT design and system selection, process optimization, logistics and factory planning, project management: Closely linked, coordinated from a single source!

Our Market

The core industries for our logistics and support services in the areas of Automotive, aviation and aerospace, as well as machine and plant construction. In doing so, we draw from the specific know-how that makes each industry unique-and rely on our methodology and tools. We also work in various other sectors: It, when we transfer our experience from the core sectors to other areas successfully.

In the following industry sectors our clients work:

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A future-oriented factory (planning) is the Foundation for efficient processes, high productivity, and sustainable business success and competitiveness. We design with you the perfect factory of tomorrow – from the first idea through to successful commissioning. Through our proven methodological model approach in combination with industrial Best Practice, the early Integration of relevant areas of expertise and internal Expertise, we ensure efficient way to produce a high-quality planning and sustainable results.

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UNITY Operations – Fabrikplanung, Logistikplanung & Projektsupport